A Thousand Years

Feels like an eternity !
I’ve been walking
for thousand years..

God bless those
who invaded me..
God bless those
who set me free..

I have traveled
through the pains and the fears..

God bless those
who killed in the name of God..
Today we all know
it was a big fraud !

My house turned upside down
I gave my blood and my tears..

God bless those
who raised the walls..
God bless those
alleys where humanity crawls..

Some were kings
Some were thieves
Some were saints
And some puppeteers !

God bless those
who became monarch..
And those who spent
ages in the dark..

I carved lines with swords
Wrote histories on tips of spears..

God bless greats
earth is flat who found..
And those who sailed oceans
only to find it is round..

I ran hard to be at one place
Climbing n falling tiers after tiers..

God bless those
who died for a cause..
And those who have
no good reason of course !

For some it’s beginning of an end
For some it’s not as bad it appears..

God bless all the
kingdoms and countries..
God bless all the
revolts.. all the furies..
God bless all the
voices of broken lives..
God bless all the
threatening knives..
God bless all the
guns, bombs and planes..
And those who sell
them making gains..

God bless you all !
All my enemies and my dears..
I am tired of walking now
The journey that started long ago
I haven’t seen the shadow
It’s been thousand years..

I am tired now
Give me a place to rest
may be a piece of land
With no lines no divides
no kingdoms no borders .. !
I’ve walked almost
a thousand years..

Rolla, MO (US)

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