About RoBa’s World

Hello friends my name is Rohit Bapat that’s why RoBa! An Engineer by profession and Artist by heart. I feel that, Engineering is practical implementation of imagination and Art is anything but being practical. I am a MS in Mechanical Engineering (completed from Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO, USA) and a poet, story writer, play writer, theatre enthusiast, photographer, painter, amateur student of history, economics and psychology. Have studied graphology on my own. Like reading books and proud owner of a private library with > 300 books.

I love music of all sorts but Indian Classical Music, Hard Rock and Sufi Music are my favorites. Like talking about almost anything and ready to learn something new all the time. Not so religious yet spiritual. Like mythology, world politics. Habitual YouTube viewer, love Bollywood especially 90’s. Big fan of Krishna, Sherlock Holmes and Chanakya and Sachin Tendular. Love software development, hardcore Mechanical Engineer. Interested in Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics. Learning web development. One page is not enough to describe my interests but will like to be called multi-dimensional person who doesn’t like status quo.

Enough about RoBa, now let’s talk about RoBa’s world! This world is as bigger as it gets and as smaller as you wish. My family, friends, hobbies, passion and profession.. RoBa’s World, My World is all about these. I created this page so that I can express myself, family and friends on one platform. It will cover all aspects of my world. Hope you will enjoy exploring RoBa’s World along with me. Let’s begin our journey ..


In case you would like to utilize/use/compose/buy any of my work e.g. composing any of my poem, please let me know as my works are Copyrighted.

Contact Email: rhtbapat@gmail.com