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Game of Response

In our day to day job, we communicate on various things. On various occasions, we try to formulate the reply. It is true that we choose certain words in certain

Failure Is Good!

First things first ‘Nobody Likes To Fail’. Elder generation keeps on complaining that your generation is very fast. In a way it is true. Because, if you take a quick

Keep Looking Back – Don’t Forget The Mirrors!

Looking back may not fit in optimistic dictionary. But, I remember a guy who failed in the license test in Missouri because he forgot to look into rear view mirror

How Not To Do Business? A Reflection Auto Rickshaw Walla’s Of Pune Region

Context People of Pune (a major city of India and cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra) are notorious for their argumentative nature. As a Punekar (Pune local) I completely agree

Traffic Signals And Tough Decisions

Getting stuck in the traffic is becoming everyday incidence in most of the cities every day most of us spend at least 10 to 15 minutes standing still on the

Education On Street – Take A Break

While walking on a street or driving on a road we miss so much what’s happening around us. Most of the times really commonplace incidences can have unique lessons to

Education On Streets – Out Of Ordinary

Sometimes we voluntarily do something or some people around us do something which may look unimportant by any standards but are very important lessons. Street life has so much to

Education On Streets – The Right Way

Walking and driving on the road has become so commonplace in our lives that, sometimes we don’t even recognize it while we are doing! Every moment on the streets, we

Education On Streets – Walking On Slippery Roads

Walking on the street is the most common and also most ignored part of our daily life. Every day almost every one of us takes a walk at least once.

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