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Qutub Minar : Standing Tall On The Ruins

“What is the history of Qutub Minar?” first thing my niece asked me when we planned our trip to Delhi. The only answer I had was, “It is a huge

They Killed Avani Tigress

Three days ago I was almost ready to get into Diwali festival mode. Everything was going perfectly, sweets, friends, relatives everything. A sudden trend on twitter caught my eye. The

Stagnate Disintegrate OR Grow

“You can Stagnate or Grow” a quote by Allen Page a legendary Americal Football player. I gathered this quote from a very famous Football show ‘A Football Life’. Honestly, it shuffled

Being Vs Doing And Karmayoga

Since our childhood, we are fed the notion of being. The simplest example is the essay titled “What I want to be?” is written by almost everyone in the schools.

When I Was 15

First of all, many congratulations to LinkedIn for its 15th anniversary! Today, when I saw this notification on LinkedIn that it has turned 15 please share what you wanted to

4 Things Software Engineers Can Learn From Doctors

As strange as the title of this blog seems, there are some things Software Engineers can actually learn from Doctors. Engineering and Medical Sciences are farthest in terms of career

Karnataka Govt Certifies IT Union : It’s A Blunder

In the flock of news filled with politics a big news got missed by Indian national media. It was “Karnataka Govt has certified the formation of the Karnataka State IT/ITES

Smart Phones and Dumb Humans

Smart phones have become a commonplace device. In old days when someone was late to reach somewhere to meet a friend he/she would to say “I am sorry my friend,

Presidential Election Of India – Should I Bother?

Tomorrow (17th July 2017) we are going to have Presidential Elections in India. Although the media is making a bit noise about it, it’s totally about the politics behind it.

The Fuss About Hindi

Prefix The fuss about imposing Hindi as national language is not new. Almost everyone in India (north India) is told/brainwashed that Hindi is India’s national language. I was also brought

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