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Uber Vs Ola

Due to some medical reasons I have been travelling with cabs for more than nine months now. I try to have a chat with the cab drivers whenever possible. It’s

Are We Pushing Students Towards Depression?

Looking at the marks the students get these days in 10th and 12th grade examinations across the boards in India, it seems like anything less that 90% is rare. Some

Tejas Express – Civic Sense In Indian Society?

Today I read a bizarre news on internet about Tejas Express which ran from Mumbai to Goa. I will talk about the news later on but, just to begin the

How Not To Do Business? A Reflection Auto Rickshaw Walla’s Of Pune Region

Context People of Pune (a major city of India and cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra) are notorious for their argumentative nature. As a Punekar (Pune local) I completely agree

What Did I Learn Being A GRA (Graduate Research Assistant) At MS&T?

Context It’s been almost five and half years since I graduated as MS in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla (MO, USA) in December 2011. Today

Did Nirbhaya Get Justice?

Nirbhaya case shook not only India but the whole world. It was not the first time an innocent woman was raped brutally by monsters, but, why should it not be the

Loan Waiver : Is it a solution?

Loan Waiver: Is it a solution? Recently I received a joke making fun of our CM Mr.Devendra Fadanvis and saying that why can’t he take such an important decision on

Vidushi Kishori Tai Amonkar – A Soor Beyond Seven Soors

It was a soothing morning of early winters during Diwali in Pune. I was just 20 years old college student. Not a learned but enthusiast in Indian Classical Music. I

A Thin Line Between Moral Policing And Women’s Safety

The moment new elected CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has taken over the administration he is surrounded by controversies. Nobody’s is surprised that Yogi is involved in a controversy. This

My Opinion – Why Can’t A Yogi?

Democracy Secularism And Majority Majority by definition means that major section of population ‘believes’ in a certain idea or concept. It has no relation with religion as such. The sole

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