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Friends Indeed – II Friends Indeed – II

Whenever someone asks me about my educational qualification, I simply say MS in Mechanical Engineering. But, very few know that I owe this degree to my friends Kunal and Sudarshan.

The Friends Indeed – I The Friends Indeed – I

I am not writing my memoirs to criticize anybody but to release myself from the web of memories. There is always difference between friends, true friends and acquaintances. I met

I Became A Caveman I Became A Caveman

In January 2010 I entered my research lab and was immediately shown the hardware I was supposed to work with. It is CAVE (Computer Automated Virtual Environment). It is popularly

Vidushi Kishori Tai Amonkar – A Soor Beyond Seven Soors Vidushi Kishori Tai Amonkar – A Soor Beyond Seven Soors

It was a soothing morning of early winters during Diwali in Pune. I was just 20 years old college student. Not a learned but enthusiast in Indian Classical Music. I

Research And Not So Good Relationship Research And Not So Good Relationship

After completing first semester, it was now essential to find some way of funding. I tried to find some research position in first semester. But, I did not get any.

First Setback First Setback

Winter was slowly settling in and it snowed in December after thanksgiving. Till thanksgiving everything was going ok. I won’t say that I was happy with my progress or studies.

The Beginning Of American Life The Beginning Of American Life

By the October of 2009 my life was set. Classes used to begin in the morning and finish at evenings. As October came around the weather started getting colder and

Back To The Stage Back To The Stage

Now, it is essential to mention that, although I was working in TCS, I did not save the money (not even used it wisely). So, all my expense had to

The New Beginnings The New Beginnings

Slowly till the end of July all new and old students started coming in the town. In my first week I saw may be one or two students on the

The Cultural Shock! The Cultural Shock!

The next day when I woke up it was a little bit chilly outside but it was a clear day. From the window of that apartment I saw actual USA

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