Category :English Poetry

Whenever I Try To Walk

Every time I try to walk I hit another roadblock There is always a new wall And a sergeant holding a clock I obey the orders I go till the

The destructing clouds .. I know you can’t

The destructing clouds Don’t bother me anymore For I am neither a tree Nor a ship tied on a shore Do not thunder in vain If you think I fear

The Truth

True colors never fade They find some way To come to the skin When the truth sees the day I am not a preacher Neither I am a saint Carrying

A Place Called Nowhere

‘Got a place to go called Nowhere Was easier less bloody to go there All I had to do was to be true shook to core they replied closed doors

Sycophancy And Prayer

Sycophancy Might not be the best way To achieve the goal But love Is the magical chemical That converts it Into Prayer !!


Time for oasis Time for redemption Time for eternal kiss coz It’s been a while come closer It’s been a while Through the desert and the storms I walked all

Blame Me

Blame me for revolutions.. Blame me for destructions.. Blame me for suppressions.. Blame me for depressions.. Blame me for saddest times.. Blame me for the stolen dimes.. Blame me for

A Thousand Years

Feels like an eternity ! I’ve been walking for thousand years.. God bless those who invaded me.. God bless those who set me free.. I have traveled through the pains


Wounds are never healed The impressions though.. vanish with time I am the only one left To tell you the story.. I am a soldier of a defeated army I

A Crazy Girl

She was a crazy girl She said we’ll live together.. She was flying in her dreams like fallen feather.. Those eyes, for the world were dead.. And I learnt to

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