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ARAI Hill (Vetal Tekdi) Never Stops Surprising

It’s almost like a treasure hunt when you are birding on ARAI Hill or Vetal Tekdi. I have been there many times and I can assure you, as a bird

Parvati – A Gem In Pune’s Heartland

Almost everyone knows about Parvati in Pune. But, mainly it is known as a morning exercise spot. Actually speaking Parvati is a fortified temple of Goddess Parvati (पर्वती) also known

Birds Through Window – Rose Ringed Parakeets (Parrot)

One of the most common birds I observe almost every day is Rose Ringed Parakeet (Parrot). Most of the photos showed in the textbooks and newspapers are Rose Ringed Parakeets

Birds Through Window – Koel

Another bird which not only is common in the Asian subcontinent as a bird but also as inspiration of infinite poems and stories. Yes.. It’s Koel or Koyal or Kokila

Birds Through Window – Scaly Breasted Munia

Scaly Breasted Munia or Spotted Munia – Lonchura punctulata For commoners everything that resembles Sparrow in any minute way is a sparrow. But, trees around my home in Pune, also gives

Birds Through Window – Purple Rumped Sunbird

Purple Rumped Sunbird – Leptocoma zeylonica This bird has nests right in front of my window. I see this bird almost everyday. I never get tired looking at this beautiful

Birds Through Window – Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet – Psilopogon Haemacephalus  (Tāmbat – Marathi) A very beautiful bird. I used to think this bird can only be seen outside the city. Ever since I started observing

A Nice Weekend Birding Trail To Lungs Of Pune City – ARAI Hill (29/07/2017)

ARAI Hill in Pune is one of the closest and famous birding spot in Pune City. ARAI means Automotive Research Association Of India. This hill is also known as MIT

Birds Through My Window

I am a Punekar. I was always interested in wildlife but, was never a good observer. Ever since I started observing birds I found out that, there is a lot

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