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Qutub Minar : Standing Tall On The Ruins

“What is the history of Qutub Minar?” first thing my niece asked me when we planned our trip to Delhi. The only answer I had was, “It is a huge

Parvati – A Gem In Pune’s Heartland

Almost everyone knows about Parvati in Pune. But, mainly it is known as a morning exercise spot. Actually speaking Parvati is a fortified temple of Goddess Parvati (पर्वती) also known

A Nice Weekend Birding Trail To Lungs Of Pune City – ARAI Hill (29/07/2017)

ARAI Hill in Pune is one of the closest and famous birding spot in Pune City. ARAI means Automotive Research Association Of India. This hill is also known as MIT

Shanghai Diary – First Pure Veg Dinner In China

It was our first real night out in Shanghai, China. The climate was humid but not exactly hot. It was drizzling a bit. We already knew that there is a

Shanghai Diary – My First Adventure “Food”

I can never forget the first day in Shanghai. We arrived in Shanghai at night so couldn’t see much. The day was cloudy, hazy and humid. I felt at ease

Shanghai Diary – The Journey To Unknown

It was for the first I was going on an official visit to another country. When I came to know that me and my team was going to China, I

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