Failure Is Good!

First things first ‘Nobody Likes To Fail’. Elder generation keeps on complaining that your generation is very fast. In a way it is true. Because, if you take a quick look on the streets you will find everybody is in some kind of hurry. Everyone is trying his/her best to go ahead of someone else. Sometimes I feel the whole traffic on the streets is a big race! Of course it is a race but against whom? Definitely not against themselves because the obstructions are blamed often of others. It’s against failure!

The definition of failure is different for different people. but, in a nutshell if you ask me failure is nothing but ‘undesirable result‘. Undesired results have there roots in desire. Desire is generated from the sense of result. The sense of result is derived from the past experiences. Actually past experiences are sets results of failures and successes. This completes the whole cycle. There is a famous quote (I don’t remember who’s) “Everyone is running around to keep himself/herself in the same place” which is exactly like running in a circle from failure to success.

I believe in modern times we are spending more time and energy in finishing the laps in this vicious circle rather than taking a scenic journey. The problem is nobody wants to fail. The person who has never failed in his/her life is either the most idiot or ignorant person in the world. life is not a race. Life is continuous improvement. The only question that should matter (more in modern times) is that “Have I improved since yesterday?” If not “What can I do to improve?” Every failure is an opportunity only if you think of it that way.

Also, another toughest thing to do to say “Sorry” If you can’t recognize the mistake you can’t correct it. You must have observed on the roads. If someone scratches your vehicle you will angry. But, what happens when that person looks at you and says “Sorry” Do you really still think of hitting that person? Of course not. Work place is no different. It is true that your mistake might cause irritation and inconvenience. But, I am sure that recognizing and acting on the failure will make you a better person in your position.

So, whenever I fail I try to go harder at it. I believe life is just a constant journey of improvements. Never be afraid of the failures. If there is no failure in this journey be sure that it is going to a boring, unsatisfactory and dumbest ride you ever had.

Failure is like chilly pepper. Not easy  to gulp but needed  to make food more interesting and tasty!

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