Faster Fene – Movie Review

Faster Fene

A Fast And Intelligent Story Of A Grown Up Forgotten Childhood Hero.

Direction: Aditya Sarpotdar
Story/Screenplay : Kshitij Patwardhan
Star Cast: Amey Wagh, Girish Kulkarni, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Parna Pethe, Siddharth Jadhav, Shubham More, Anshuman Joshi, Om Bhutkar, Shrikant Yadav etc.
Producer: Genelia Deshmukh (Mumbai Film Company) and Mangesh Kulkarni(Zee Studios)
Presented By: Zee Studios and Riteish Vilasrao Deshmukh
Studio: Mumbai Film Company, Zee Studios
Background Score: Troy – Arif
Associate Director: Yogesh Phulphagar
Cinematography (DOP): Milind Jog
Editor: Faisal Mahadik – Imran Mahadik
Art Director: Nikhil Kovale

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To be very honest I had forgotten about Faster Fene. When I watched the trailer of this movie for the first time, childhood memories started coming back to me. I must confess that I have not read ALL the Faster Fene stories but, have read enough to understand the character in the past. When I watched the trailer the very first thing that caught my eye was energy of Amey Wagh and that weird look on the face of Girish Kulkarni.

The movie is based on works of renowned Marathi story writer B. R. Bhagwat. Faster Fene is series of child detective and his adventures from 50’s. Actual name of the main character is Banesh Fene. Amey Wagh plays the lead role in the movie as Banesh Fene. As teaser shows, the child detective is now grown up as a energetic, enthusiastic and honest young boy. I believe Amey Wagh lost some weight and it’s worth it every ounce.

Banesh has lost his father and now lives with his mother played by Chinmayi Sumit, in Baneshwar. He comes to Pune to appear for medical entrance examination. Banesh lives with B. R. Bhagwat (Bha Ra Bhagwat) himself played by Dilip Prabhavalkar. Dilip Prabhavalkar’s role is comparatively smaller but, is important pillar of this story. Movie in a way tries to show how Faster Fene became part of his life.

Girish Kulkarni plays the villain’s role as Appa.  Girish Kulkarni steals the show at some moments with his ability to deliver key punchlines and psychotic mannerisms. He is a mafia who never takes No for an answer. I won’t display what kind of mafia he plays. I will recommend you to watch the movie for it. The story becomes interesting with the clash between Banesh and Appa concerning a student death (watch the movie to know if it’s suicide or murder).

On one side there is Fene an honest young boy and on other side there is corrupt, immoral Appa. Both are persuasive, cunning and fearless. Amey and Girish have portrayed the characters very well in a convincing way.

Parna Pethe plays role of a journalist who is also childhood friend of Banesh. Parna portrays a young journalist trying to get into crime reporting but, instead gets to report on Education system. And yet finds herself amidst a criminal case. Young Shubham More plays a role of Bhu-Bhu rescued by Banesh.

Om Bhutkar plays role of Dhanesh is the student who dies mysteriously and Anshuman Joshi plays role of Amol an important part of the mystery. Shrikant Yadav plays role of a Police officer who was skeptic of Banesh but, agrees to help at end. And of course Siddharth Jadhav to add some comical spice in the movie as Ambadas.

It will be unfair to really talk more about the film because it’s worth watching it!


Before, I begin my detailed review let me tell you what I think about the movie. Faster Fene is “A Fast And Intelligent Story Of A Grown Up Forgotten Childhood Hero” “A battle between two fearless and relentless characters, one on the side of honesty and truth and other on the side of corruption and immorality” .

Amey Wagh portrays Banesh Fene the Faster Fene really well. I liked the energy and expressions because it is difficult to portray as a teenager. Girish Kulkarni according to me, has played one of the best roles ever. He is successful in conveying the level of corruption, immorality in the society. Appa will certainly go down in memories of viewers as one of the best villains in recent history. Viewers can see the effort both Amey and Girish have taken to get into the characters of Banesh and Appa respectively. Viewers enjoy Click sound (Tokkk) by Banesh and cruel grin of Appa.

Dilip Prabhavlkar has done a good job as usual. Playing an old man looks simple when one watches him. Shubham More and Parna Pethe have decently longer roles and with significance in the story. I thought Parna’s character lacks some kind of background story (just my opinion!) Om Bhutkar and Anshuman Joshi have play their part well although, they don’t have much space for acting.

As far as screenplay is concerned, it is as fast as the name of the movie. Movie never gets dull at any moment. As a critique I should point out that, there are places where I felt “How it happened?” or “How did he/she know/find it?”. Personally, I would have loved to see more character building of Aboli and Bhu-Bhu. Aditya Sarpotdar has given this movie a different and refreshing treatment. There are points in the movie where it can go darker but, it never goes there.

I thought the outdoor locations and sets could have been better. I loved the reddish-blue tinge to the film. The colors are bright and crisp. Costume designer Kalyani Kulkarni-Gugle has given a good consistent look to Banesh Fene and Appa. Background music by Troy – Arif is a plus.

The background music, costumes, cinematography and acting give the movie a comic look (which I liked and I think is intended). There are no songs in the movie which according to me is a plus point. Aerial view of Pune was fantastic. Overall it’s a well scripted and acted movie with a fast screenplay. It’s a fun movie to watch for everyone with 10+ age. Felt really nice to see a well done Marathi movie in this genre.

Ratings – 4/5

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