Friends Indeed – II

Whenever someone asks me about my educational qualification, I simply say MS in Mechanical Engineering. But, very few know that I owe this degree to my friends Kunal and Sudarshan. I would like to spend some time, to express my gratitude towards them. Kunal and Sudarshan were my two friends who helped me getting my degree officially. Anyone, who is currently studying or has studied in US University, know it well that, if you do not submit your thesis to University in time, you do not get the degree. Real deal is not to submit the thesis but, to get the format right! Yes. For current/future students, to submit the thesis, the format has to be correct. By correct I mean how University wants it. There are special employees at University whose job is to check it. You can submit your thesis only if, format is acceptable to them. 

As I mentioned in previous blog Friends Indeed – I I defended my thesis on 14th December 2011. I was planning to move to Farmington Hills, MI to join ESI-Mindware as soon as possible. Actually the joining date was in October 2011 but, I requested to extend it till December because I had to defend my thesis. The time was of the essence. 14th was Wednesday and I planned to move out on 17th Saturday. So, I had only two days to get the format right. Submitted my thesis to check the format confidently. But, the officer gave it back with so many mistakes that it felt impossible to submit my thesis before end of the semester. Another thing I would like to mention is that, Even if you defend your thesis in one semester but, you submit your thesis in second semester, you will need to pay the fees for second semester to be a valid student. 

New semester was supposed to begin on 3rd January 2012 and I had to leave Rolla on 17th December 2011. Unfortunately, I was allotted the most cunning format checker. Everyone around me said she is the toughest one. After two iterations I still had many format mistakes encircled in red color. I personally never liked the fact that, after every check student has to take the printout and take it back for checking. That’s when my friends came my rescue. I was in Farmington Hills on 17th and still my thesis was not cleared. My friends Kunal and Sudarshan helped me get the printouts and take it to the format checker. when I think of it today, I don’t remember how many times Kunal and Sudarshan took the changed soft copy, took the printout to the checker.

The reality was that, they both were working on their own thesis. Those were the times when we all were anxious about our future. I can never thank them enough for helping me out getting my thesis submitted. As 3rd January 2012 was getting closer, I was getting more and more nervous. The list of errors in format had no intentions to get shorten. But, everyday I used to work on my thesis email them to Kunal and Sudarshan and hope that this will be the last iteration! It must have been a laborious task for them as well. At one point I actually thought I will have to get back to University paying around 9000$ (which I did not have at that time). I am sure my friends must have thought the same too. But, fortunately I was able to get my stuff right and make the format acceptable just one day before semester ended.

Almost 6 years are past. Everyone is pursuing their goals with enthusiasm. I have returned back to India. But, one thing is sure Kunal and Sudarshan proved ‘Friend in need is friend indeed!’ I will not be able to forget what my friends did for me!

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