Garg Samhita

Garg Samhita is a religious text composed by Rishi Garg or Garg Muni, who was royal Guru or Acharya of Yadu Clan. Garg Samhita is collection of Sanskrit verses describing Shri Krishna Leela. It is also, one of the main source of stories of Lord Krishna and his eternal consort Radha. Also, it provides beautiful renditions of various shades of Lord Krishna, his Leela's and also Rasleela.

Garg Samhita goes beyond Shri Bhagwat Geeta in terms of devotion towards Lord Krishna. Rishi Vyasa in Bhagwat Geeta describe Lord Krishna as the supreme Lord as, "कृष्णस्तु भगवान् स्वयंम्" which means, Krishna Is the God Himself. Garg Muni in Garg Samhita describe, Lord Krishna as,

यस्मिन् सर्वाणि तेजांसि विलीयन्ते स्वतेजसि।
तं वेदान्त परे साक्षात् परिपूर्णतम् स्वयम्।।

And, when his glory (light) merges inside or hide all the glories (lights) of the whole world, that Avatar of Lord is known as Paripurna-Avatar by the learned people (which is nothing but The Supreme Lord Krishna himself).

(I might have translated this verse a bit wrong but, I am sure readers will understand what I want to convey) Although, I am neither a Guru nor any scholar of Sanskrit, as a devotee of Lord Krishna I think it is my duty to convey stories about Lord Krishna, his Leela from this great scripture - Garg Samhita.


Garg Samhita

  • Garg Samhita is a scripture written by Garg Muni, to describe Lord Krishna’s Leela. Garg Muni was Guru or Acharya od Yadu clan. Garg Muni, describes Six kinds of Avatar in Golok Khand of Garg Samhita. It will be interesting to know how these avatars are described in Garg Samhita. According to Garg Samhita, Narada is […]


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