Birds Through Window – Rose Ringed Parakeets (Parrot)

Birds Through Window – Rose Ringed Parakeets (Parrot)

Birds Through Window – Rose Ringed Parakeets (Parrot)

One of the most common bird I observe almost everyday, is Rose Ringed Parakeet (Parrot). Most of the photos showed in the textbooks and newspapers are Rose Ringed Parakeets (These parrots who have red or dark black colored band around the neck). These are nothing but. I see flocks of these parakeets flying around every morning. Sometimes I wake up due their sounds in early morning.

Male -Female  Rose Ringed Parakeet

Someone might ask what is the difference between Parrot and Parakeet. I will recommend this article to understand the difference. Broadly speaking, Parrot is the Super set (Bigger family) and Parakeet is the subset of this family. 

Rose Ringed Parakeet or Indian Ringneck Parakeet is distinctive green in color. Only Males have red or dark colored ring around the neck. Females and juveniles either do not have rings or show very pale grayish green ring around the neck. Both male and female have long blue tails. The Rose Ringed Parakeets have bright red, pointed beaks. Which is evolved to eat fruits and break the nuts. They have gray legs.

Another Rose Ringed Parakeet (Male) through Window

Main source of food for Rose Ringed Parakeet is Fruits and Nuts. Of course pet Parakeets eat Green Chillies (Green Chilly Peppers) and Guava. But, their food is not restricted to these things.

Rose Ringed Parakeet Females

How To Identify Rose Ringed Parakeet

Rose Ringed Parakeet ID

Rose Ringed Parakeet ID

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