Did Nirbhaya Get Justice?

Nirbhaya case shook not only India but the whole world. It was not the first time an innocent woman was raped brutally by monsters, but, why should it not be the last? Why should not it be the last time, a monster even thinks of anything undignified about a woman? Now that, Supreme Court has given its verdict and given death sentence to four rapists Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh we can put forward our views on the case.

Nirbhaya Rapists

If you ask me personally if Nirbhaya has got justice. I will say No. Rapists have been punished but justice has not been served. I will try to explain why I think so.

Capital Punishment For Rape

We all know, death sentence is served only for rarest of the rare cases. Nirbhaya’s case was most certainly such a case. But, my question is, why should rape not be treated as the most heinous crime? Why only Nirbhaya’s case rarest of the rare and other rape cases are not? Anyone who kills dignity of a woman must be treated with same intensity and punishment. I believe when one rapist is given death sentence and other rapist some years punishment, we as a society are not giving justice to rape victims. Why cannot we have one capital punishment for all rapists?

Rapist Has No Age, Caste and Religion

Another problem I have with Nirbhaya case verdict is that, one of the rapist  Mohammad Afroz is not given death penalty. In fact he might even be free one day. Ask yourself honestly, does this monster deserve to live in our society? I don’t care if he’s juvenile or not. If he is old enough to rape a woman he must be punished like a grown up man. I find it disturbing that the main culprit is not given death sentence just because he was a couple of months short to 18 years. Some people especially some journalists and politicians backed Afroz for his religion which to me is utter disgrace towards our society. These were the most pathetic argument put forward.

Rape Is Rape Period

Finally the laws of India are such that, some culprits of rape are treated differently than other based on the age. In fact one rapist may get lesser punishment than other. Why? Is one woman’s dignity lesser than other? Why not give same capital punishment to all rapists. Another, argument put forward by rapists’ defendant lawyer is that, SC is making example out of poor young boys under public pressure. I haven’t heard more foolish argument yet. So would it have been a correct verdict, if the rapists were rich? Rapist’s financial situation cannot be taken into consideration.

My question is why not make an example out of the rapists? Why not hang the rapists, not just Nirbhaya’s case but all other Nirbhaya’s who did not get same exposure? Many Indians feel that rapists should be hanged publicly. I know many “Liberal, Leftists and Human Right Activists” will oppose this. I just want to ask one question to them, what if Nirbhaya or any other rape victim was your daughter or sister? What about those rape victims? Why should any rapist get away without a capital punishment.

Question On Judicial System

Another thing that irritates me that, even after Supreme Court of India has given its verdict, these rapists can apply for re-hearing in the SC. Even after this petition is declined, rapists still have option to apply mercy petition to President of India. I have two pertaining questions about this system. Once the verdict is given by Supreme Court why should the criminals and especially rapists be given another chance to hear their point? Does it mean while giving previous verdict SC did not hear their side properly? This will be most amazing claim to be made. Also, the mercy petition to President of India. I am sure President of India is the most responsible person of the country, but, why should he/she have more power over SC? Why should any citizen of India be given power to overrule Supreme Court’s verdict?


Bigger point is that, will this verdict stop rapes? Will this verdict give any condolence to other rape victims? No! That’s why I say even though rapists have been punished the Nirbhaya has not got justice yet.

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  1. They all have one ☝️ Should have one punishment . They have taken one woman dignity , brutually under non human type of torture along with rape during the rape they have give to her . My soul is shaking when I think about this woman what this woman went through . come on people wake up ! Where is your soul and let’s get together and whole world is shaming on this country no because of all these stupid rapists .

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