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About Me and Lonewords in Marathi..

Hello all you language nerds there. I am Rohit Bapat. I am a Punekar and my mother tongue is Marathi. Let’s talk about Lonewords in Marathi. While growing I developed attraction towards languages as such and Marathi in particular. I like reading and I write myself (apparently this is my own website!). I found out that many of the words used in Marathi were not really Marathi in origin. The study of origin of words is called etymology. I love doing linguistic research.

Marathi is a regional language of India and official language of State of Maharashtra in western India. Marathi as it is spoken today is very different than how it was spoken many years ago. Marathi is derived from Sanskrit. Initially there were Sanskrit-Prachur (Full of Sanskrit influence) and Prakrut (vernacular/ daily used language). Also, Marathi has many dialects depending on the region of Maharashtra such as Varhadi, Konkani, Maawali, Khandeshi, Ahirani etc.

Maharashtra has fallen pray to many invasions since 11th century. So obviously some of the words were taken from the invaders’ and rulers’ languages. These in study of a language are called ‘Loanwords’. These words are borrowed from other languages into Marathi. Especially from Farsi, Arabic and Turkish languages because, most of the rulers came from these regions. Later on these loanwords became essential part of Marathi both in daily as well as official use.

Recently I started a thread of tweets about LoneWords in Marathi. I am trying to get those tweets here in single place for the fun lovers. For skeptics and critics

What is the criteria for calling a word a ‘LoneWord?’

Okay .. don’t get worked up! This is just for fun analysis. I consider the language used till the time of Sant Dnyaneshwar in current state of Maharashtra as the datum to compare if a word is Marathi in origin or not. It is not hard n fast rule. I did it because I thought it right.

Why do this?

Simplest of the questions .. ‘Fun’ !

Are you asking us not to use these words anymore?

I am sorry crusaders, you are WRONG. I am not asking people to refuse to use these words. These words now are part of Marathi language. I use them in my writings. So before you come running at me.. No I am not asking anyone to stop using these words in Marathi.

Why should I/we believe you?

No reason. You don’t have to. This is a fun exercise and I believe readers will take it like that. Otherwise there is a ‘x’ button available on the tab!

So .. Let the Fun begin


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