Least Known Characters Of Mahabharata – Bhurisravas

In previous article about Bahlika the elder brother of Shantanu, I have mentioned about his son Somadatta, Bhurisrava or Bhurisravas was son of Somadatta. The rivalry between Vrisni’s, Yadava’s and him goes way back before Kurukshetra war.

The history of rivalry between Yadava’s and Somadatta (father of Bhurisravas) began during Swayamvara of Devaki. A Vrisni prince Sini helped Vasudeva (father of Lord Krishna). Somadatta and Sini combated in a fierce battle in which Sini defeats Somadatta. This battle began the rivalry between Somadatta’s family and Yadava’s and Vrisni’s. Bahlika along with his son Somadatta and grandson Bhurisravas joined Kaurava’s during Kurukshetra war.

Satyaki the Vrisni prince was grandson of Sini. During the war Bhurisravas killed ten sons of Satyaki. On 14th day he was waiting to fight and kill Satyaki. Arjuna was busy fighting with Jayadratha (King of Sindh). Bhurisravas was part of Shakatvyuha (Cart formation). As Bhima and Satyaki came to support Arjuna, Bhurisravas left his position and went to fight with Satyaki. Satyaki was very tired moving around in the Shakatvyuha was followed by Bhurisravas. He destroyed Satyaki’s weapons and Satyaki also destroyed Bhurisravas’ weapons. Finally the battle became hand-to-hand combat. Satyaki was very tired and Bhurisravas very determined. Just at the moment when he was about to kill Satyaki, Arjuna with an arrow cuts off his hand.

Bhurisravas cursed Arjuna that, he has committed foul play as he did not properly challenged him before attacking. Arjuna gave it back by cursing that, he was about to kill unarmed Satyaki. Also, he and Somadatta kept watching when Abhimanyu was being killed by Kaurava’s in very adharmic manner. Listening to this Bhurisravas realized his fate and his wrong deeds. He gave up his arms and sat down on the ground in lotus position. Taking advantage of the situation, Satyaki takes up his weapon and decapitated Bhurisravas. Warriors on both sides cursed Satyaki for this deed. This is the incident because of which a battle errupts between Satyaki and Kritaverma which ultimately eliminated Yadava’s.

Many authors believe that this incident gives two lessons. Hatred cannot defeat dharma in any manner and ultimately hatred loses in the battle. Also, another lesson that one who digs grave for somebody else falls in the same grave pit. Same as Bhurisravas lost his life because of his hatred towards Satyaki. A village Bhor-Saidan in northern India is named after Bhurisravas.


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  1. All these warriors were said to be evil and a burden to mother earth. Krishna came to earth to get rid of them. Krishna is like agent smith who comes to get rid of human virus. You can see the speech of agent smith telling how humans are a virus and a burden to earth and he is the cure. Agent Smith is THE ONE ! Obviously, the western religious twisted it and said savior of humans instead of earth. In a way, saving earth from exploiters is saving good humans. Many of the major kings in that period were described as avatar of asuras. Their whole list is given in adi parva of mahabharata. Earth could have been like movie avatar world. The humans in avatar could be the asuras and the blue people the humans who liked to live in nature. The humans in avatar was trying to exploit their world for making their technologies.

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