Least Known Characters Of Mahabharata – Yuyutsu

Least Known Characters Of Mahabharata – Yuyutsu

Yuyutsu was the son of Dhritarashtra and a maid Sugadha who was Gandhari’s maid. Yuyutsu played a smaller but yet very relevant and important role in Mahabharata. Very few people know about this Dhritarashtra’s son. He has some similarity with Vidur. Both were dasiputra (sons of maid), both were loyal to Yudhishthira and both were devotees of Krishna and both were truthful and intelligent.

Gandhari gave birth to 100 Kaurava’s and a daughter named Dushala. She was pregnant for almost two years. Everyone got worried looking at her condition while she was pregnant. In the fear that Gandhari might not even give birth to any child, Sugadha conceived a child. He was named Yuyutsu. He was of same age as Kaurava’s. Yuyutsu means ‘the one who is curious to fight’ (Yu means yuddha or fight and utsu means curiosity). Yuyutsu’s mother was of vaishya varna. Hence one of the names of Yuyutsu mentioned in Mahabharata is Vaishyputra.

Yuyutsu had great respect for his elder cousin Yudhishthira and always tried to protect Pandava’s. He once saved the life of Bhima by giving information that Duryodhana is trying to poison him. Before the great battle of Mahabharata, Yuyutsu left the camp of Kaurava’s and joined Pandava’s. He was a Maharathi. He was the only son of Dhritarashtra who survived the Mahabharata war. After the war, Yudhishthira gave control of the Kingdom to Yuyutsu while young Parikshit was made the King. Yuyutsu is always remembered for his righteousness and wisdom to choose the right path (path of Dharma and Truth).


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