Birds Through My Window

I am a Punekar. I was always interested in wildlife but, was never a good observer. Ever since I started observing birds I found out that, there is a lot to see from you window, around the hills, on the river banks of this city. I started taking photos of birds since 2010. Since then, bird photography has become my favorite hobby.

I never thought I will see so many species of birds from my own window. Regarding many of them, people believe can only be found in the wild. But, nature has it’s own magical power to survive and thrive even in Urban Concrete jungle. I am posting selected photos of species of birds I clicked in Pune from my window. I hope you will enjoy seeing those.

  1.  Coppersmith Barbet

  2. Purple Rumped Sunbird

  3. Scaly Breasted Munia

  4. Koel

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