Birds Through Window – Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet – Psilopogon Haemacephalus  (Tāmbat – Marathi)

A very beautiful bird. I used to think this bird can only be seen outside the city. Ever since I started observing birds I found out that it’s call is familiar to me. I had always heard its call which sounds like someone is hammering copper vessel after constant intervals. Coppersmith Barbet is monomorphic i.e. Males and females of this species look alike.

Coppersmith Barbet 1

Coppersmith Barbet  1

Did you observe the hair around its beak? I call them mustache!👨 I have taken it’s photos actually from my bedroom window. It was a delight to see it from such a close distance.

Coppersmith Barbet 2

Coppersmith Barbet  2

Coppersmith Barbet has a crimson patch on its forehead. It has dark’ish green color on the back and the grey’ish green belly. It has string beak as you can see. This Barbet in the photograph was removing wood from this branch. It was doing it to take out insects with the wood. (Please check the next photo) Normally it survives on fruits but sometimes it also feeds on smaller insects.

Coppersmith Barbet 3

Coppersmith Barbet  3

Video 1

Video 2

Coppersmith Barbet can be easily spotted across the whole Indian subcontinent. It’s a delight to watch this bird. So next time you hear someone is hammering on a copper vessel, don’t forget to take look at the tree branches! For information check out Coppersmith Barbet Wiki link.

How To Identify Coppersmith Barbet?

Coppersmith Barbet Identification


Update (22nd April 2018)

Coppersmith Barbet in Plumage 1

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