Birds Through Window – Purple Rumped Sunbird

Purple Rumped Sunbird – Leptocoma zeylonica

This bird has nests right in front of my window. I see this bird almost everyday. I never get tired looking at this beautiful bird. Male has purple patch on rump, bright dark blue patch on its forehead, yellow belly and dark brown wings. Female is less colorful. Yellowish white belly and light brown wings.

Male Sunbird

Purple Rumped Sinbird (Male) 1

Purple Rumbed Sunbird (Male) 2

Purple Rumbed Sunbird (Male) 2

I call it natural alarm clock. These are the birds who make chirping every morning. You won’t believe how much noise these small birds make. It is very agile and never sits at one position.Main source of food for Sunbird is honey in the flowers.

Purple Rumbed Sunbird (Female)

Purple Rumbed Sunbird (Female)

I always see these swiftly moving birds drinking nectar from the flowers. Fortunately I captured female purple rumped sunbird in action. (Please see next photo)

Sun Bird In Action

Purple Rumped Sunbird (Female) In Action

Purple Rumped Sunbird (Female) In Action 2

Purple Rumped Sunbird (Female) In Action 2

How To Identify Purple Rumped Sunbird?


Purple Rumped Sunbird (Female) Identification


Purple Rumped Sunbird (Male) Identification


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