Are Sentiments Overrated?

Disruption is “an interruption in the usual way that a system, process, or event works” [1] . A more modern interpretation of disruption is “to change the traditional way that industry operates, especially in a new and effective way”. So in nutshell, it means coming out of your comfort zone and bringing an idea which is not normal to that particular time. So when put forward this idea is obviously going to hurt a lot of people’s sentiments. 

There have been millions of times when the social life was disrupted in a good way in the past. The history says that almost all of those ideas and people who brought those ideas were criticized heavily. They were accused of hurting people’s sentiments. But, ultimately the society learned the truth and accepted the change. Sentiments are only individuals opinions and likes-dislikes. It is a completely subjective concept and it defers person to person. Besides one can change his/her sentiment any given moment.

In recent times, ways of communication have evolved in the era of vibrant social media. Yet, there is lack of mutual understanding and dialog. Honestly speaking, we are becoming a more regressive society where governments and laws control what we should think and express. According to me, the main reason behind this is that we try to be politically correct, and don’t express the truth as it is. We have created more sacred cows than there were before. We worry more about not hurting anyone’s sentiment no matter absurd the sentiment is according to you.

Sentiments are overrated“. That’s right! In recent times the sentiments are given precedence over the logic and truth. As a writer, I experience this restriction every time I think of writing anything. There are laws which punish you for hurting someone’s sentiments and feelings. In many countries, you might lose your job, or worse can go to jail for hurting the feelings.

Truth and logic cannot be suppressed in the name of hurting sentiments. I believe there is no difference between the 16th-century church which banned, punished Galileo and today’s governments which jail you for expressing your truth.

As an ardent follower of Yoga, I think if you cannot respect the truth you cannot progress. One has to remember that everyone’s truth is different. This truth might not and probably will not match with your truth. But, you cannot deny someone’s truth only because you feel exposed or your sentiments get hurt. Our laws should not worry about sentiments and should focus more on logic and truth.

I am a supporter of Freedom of Expression that brings me to my initial point that sentiments are overrated. If you think someone is wrong, then, instead of crying about hurt sentiments try to bring out your truth, put forward your logic and expose it.

An evil can only be defeated by fighting it with the truth. If you are looking for disruption then stop worrying about sentiments. Sentiments carry no weight in front of logic and truth. Let their be debate, not censorship and punishment. Let’s create a true free thinking world

These are my personal opinions and have nothing to do with my employer Autodesk. I should be held responsible for these views and not Autodesk at any point in time.

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