Stagnate Disintegrate OR Grow

“You can Stagnate or Grow” a quote by Allen Page a legendary Americal Football player. I gathered this quote from a very famous Football show ‘A Football Life’. Honestly, it shuffled my thoughts. Alan was an athlete but, isn’t it true that every sport if just like life? Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. But, there are many things which happen in between which is called life! Winning and Losing are just stations on the path.

But, what a sportsman’s quote has to do with me writing this blog?

Every good professional look for learning and challenges while working. Learning keeps you updated and challenges keep your feet on the ground. But, what happens when there no opportunities in any of these? This is where the real challenge begins not only for an IT professional but, literally any professional.

Some professionals choose to live with the status quo because one can never lose in status quo. It is actually a very cozy place (I have been there!). There are no pressures, no deadlines and no targets. Doing the job becomes mechanical or robotic and boring. In Electrical Engineering terms it is called ‘The least resistance path‘. But, in reality, the least resistance path often means ‘No Progress Path’. It is the constant fear of losing or failure which has moved human being on top of the ladder in the evolution process. If there is no fear of losing then the human brain never works hard. This is a very stagnant situation to be in.

After being stagnant for some time a human brain starts questioning the self-abilities. There is a good logical reason for that. Wouldn’t you doubt a runner’s ability if he/she is the only one falling behind all the others? So, wouldn’t you doubt your abilities if you see everyone going ahead of you? Definitely yes! This self-doubting destroys all the creativity, confidence and imaginative powers. Especially if you don’t have good friends to give advice or don’t have any hobbies to get out of daily routine then, basically you shut down all the windows for outside thoughts. Human mind wraps itself in a cocoon. Without any motivation, confidence, the mind starts disintegrating from within.

So, what’s the solution?

I am not a Guru of any kind but, I have learned a small thing when I was in Missouri S&T, Rolla (US) pursuing my graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, ‘Keep yourself busy all the time doing something creative‘. This was my way of getting myself out of stagnant situations. Creative thinking helped me think differently and look at the problems dispassionately. I don’t claim that I never get bored, not by any means but, I know how to keep it minimum. It has helped me a lot to be honest about my shortcomings and trying to find out solutions for them. And when you come out of this stagnant phase as a winner you find out that you have grown. Even though the new path or solution does not necessarily mean monetary gains, this growth certainly helps you to be a better human being than before.

But, my way cannot be the only way to come out of Stagnation and Disintegration and achieve growth. I would love to hear from you about your growth story. Please share your views in the comments section and let’s learn from each other. Because,

The choices are very clear Stagnate, Disintegrate OR Grow!



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