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The Friends Indeed – I The Friends Indeed – I

I am not writing my memoirs to criticize anybody but to release myself from the web of memories. There is always difference between friends, true friends and acquaintances. I met

The New Beginnings The New Beginnings

Slowly till the end of July all new and old students started coming in the town. In my first week I saw may be one or two students on the

The Cultural Shock! The Cultural Shock!

The next day when I woke up it was a little bit chilly outside but it was a clear day. From the window of that apartment I saw actual USA

First Time In USA First Time In USA

So I boarded the flight somewhere around midnight. I was feeling sleepy and excited at the same time. It was Delta Mumbai to Atlanta, approximately 15 hrs. It was my

Where It All Began? Where It All Began?

Since the school times I was fascinated by the idea about going abroad and studying there. I wanted to do post graduation in Engineering in USA. At that time, I

Foreign Return .. A Memoir Foreign Return .. A Memoir

I never thought I will ever write a memoir of my life spent in USA, because I never thought I will come back to India one day. But, it happened.

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