Time Is Resource

In today’s world time is everything. But, is it really? In any crunch situation, most likely the team manager will respond with ‘We don’t have enough resources’. These resources typically mean manpower or funds or equipments. But, what about time? Time often gets ignored not only by managers but also by the team members.

If you ask successful leaders in the world they will say money can’t buy everything and more manpower does not mean better performance. Of course investment is necessary and a well balanced team is essential for success. But, adding members of the team just for sake of it, is never good for the team. Also, money and equipments are as good as they are utilized.

A very sane person has said ‘Time is Money’. Now, if time is money then why it can’t be treated as a resource? Why can’t we make sure that the time is spent exactly as the money is spent or equipments are used. Why is it that with best of the skill sets sometimes the teams do not perform upto mark? Here comes the critical point.

Time becomes a resource only if it is treated as resource and not as a freebie that everyone equally gets.

It is my experience that, if the team and the leadership sits down on the table and find out where is most of the time spent? Then, it becomes easier to find out loopholes in the systems or processes. Adding to it, the clear priority of the tasks makes time the deciding factor between winning and losing. The team gets enough time to fulfil all the requirement with combination of priorities and right processes. In this manner along with money, manpower and equipments, the time will become a precious resource.

So, invest in defining clearer priorities to make sure that the team gets enough time and it becomes a resource. Truly Time is a resource if you know how and when to spend it!



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